1. User’s rights and obligations

platadepalo.com access conditions are subjected to the legal conditions in force at the moment, as well as to the user’s good faith and fair use principles. Any action which may go in detriment or damage of platadepalo.com or third parties is expressly and strictly prohibited.

platadepalo.com does not require previous subscription for the mere navigation, access or use of its services. The user agrees to make a fair, legal, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or contents which may be accessible either through platadepalo.com or through a third party previously informed by platadepalo.com and always under the principles of good faith and respect to the legal conditions in force. The commitment is to be governed on the use content in accordance with the provisions of the law, moral and public order; do not copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the contents without prior and written consent by platadepalo.com or the person designated by this website.

Finally, the user agrees to fulfil all the requirements in relation to the rights of intellectual and industrial property and other analogues.

User Registration and access codes

The user agrees to select, use and conserve its user name and password (hence forth access codes) in conformity with in accordance with that established in the following clauses.

The user will have the opportunity to choose and indicate their own Access Codes. The User will not choose as a user name words, expressions or graphic set charts offensive, slanderous, coinciding with trademarks, brand names, signs of establishments, company names, publicity expressions, names or pseudonyms of public relevant or famous people without authorization for such use, and in general, against law, moral and public order. Platadepalo.com reserves the right to eliminate or suspend any user name that may meet any of the above mentioned features.

The User agrees to make a fair, legal and diligent use of the Access Codes, as well as to not share with third parties the access codes.

The user agrees to notify platadepalo.com staff the loss or theft of access codes and or the risk of use by third parties with the upmost brevity.

Access codes may only be used by the person to whom they have been assigned .Platadepalo remains totally exonerated from any liability which may arise be caused or suffered from any fraudulent use or lack of care in the safe keeping of the access codes in accordance with these general conditions.

2. Rights and obligations of platadepalo.com

Platadepalo .com reserves the right to without prior notice, temporarily suspend its services to improve update or maintain the service. Equally it may modify the access conditions and or change locations of specific content of the site and block, restrict remove access to services if their use is not diligent, honourable or correct. Equally it may block, restrict or remove the use or content submitted by third parties which may be deemed to be illicit ,racist, illegal ,in support of terrorism, a violation of human rights ,defamatory ,pornographic a scam or for any other reason which may contravene the laws which may be applicable be they national or international.

3. Prices

Prices shown beside the products include VAT in accordance with the rates applicable under Spanish legislation

Delivery costs are free on purchases over€150 on The Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands.

Delivery in Europe will be free on purchases over €250 and in the USA over$350.

4. Orders

Orders will be made through our website and will be accepted once payment method has been established. Following the emission of the order the client may proceed to pay for their goods through any of the payment possibilities available at that time on the platadepalo.com website.

If a product is out of stock it will be indicated on the website or the client will be informed by email and this product will not be included in your order. Clients may ask through any of our method of contact an approximate date when the product may be in stock or a list of products with similar characteristics.

The address for delivery will be indicated by the client on the order form. Orders will be filled the same day if the order is received before 17.00h.incase of orders received after this time or orders received on nonworking days the order will be filled the next working day In any case the date of receipt of payment is considered the first day of the order(in the case of COD from when the phone call to confirm data is concluded).

Once a payment has been received which corresponds to an order platadepalo.com will proceed to emit and send an invoice to the address indicated by the client .The invoice will also be sent by email to the email address given by the client.

COD is only valid in Spain .The maximum order for this method of payment is €600.Upon delivery the logistic company will charge the client 3% of the total value of the invoice ,plus 21€ VAT on this 3% as costs for this service.

platadepalo.com reserves the right to return monies paid and cancel any order .This right will be exercised if there is suspicion of irregularities in procedure of crime or if the product is no longer available.

5. Garantees

All our articles are guaranteed against defect in fabrication. The pieces in gold are made from 14 carat gold. The pieces in silver are made from sterling silver925.

The client is obliged under the terms and conditions specified in the guarantees provided by suppliers of the goods bought through platadepalo.com-the guarantee is valid as long as products are used under the normal circumstances determined by the providor.Platadepalo.com has no obligation to compensate the user or any third parties as the consequence of the use of products be they direct or indirect accidents suffered damage to property not related to the product loss of profit or damage caused by depreciation or loss of a product.

Products are not covered by guarantee if once delivered to the client they suffer any damage from external entities or accidents.