PLATADEPALO was born in 2004 by Nicolás López Goñi, photographer and publicist by profession.

PLATADEPALO was born in 2004 by Nicolás López Goñi, photographer and publicist by profession.

Born in Pamplona to a family with certain artistic skills, a drawing grandfather, grandmother and mother dressmakers, from a very young age he showed interest in art.

In love with any discipline that had to do with the fine arts, he decided to direct his professional life towards photography, making numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

He combined this artistic discipline with the world of advertising.

Restless, creative and a tireless traveler, he decided in 2002 to start a new personal project, the creation of a brand, a brand of jewellery and accessories dedicated to man.

A project far removed from his profession as a photographer, but close to his profession as a publicist.

I knew the keys to creating a brand, but I didn’t know how and where to make the product.

A series of personal circumstances took him to Bali, where he started the first product productions during the years 2004 /2005.

From 2006 it moved all production to Spain.

Nowadays he travels in search of new raw materials that bring that plus of exclusivity to his pieces.

His initial idea is to create a distinctive with a good dose of rebelliousness, a mark of his own, very nonconformist, for those conventional men, apparently encased in his usual look, but whose internal strength demands a certain disobedience to the pre-established. And with a first and reduced collection of jewellery pieces it achieves its objective, breaking into the market with force and decision, with a product segment in the sector, at the time, hardly present, practically non-existent.

For his imaginative talent, for his ability to recreate stories, Nicolas starts inventing a character: James Carson, Irish, adventurer and navigator. As a result, he gets the identity of PLATADEPALO emanating from his Legend, from the world of Carson and his crew, from those who, far from the safety that immobilizes, accept the challenge of life...

Chapter after chapter, the Legend of James Carson lives on, appearing as the backdrop to the brand, its development and growth. Some of these chapters have served as briefings for some of its collections.

Under an ethnic style, "boho", hippy, … his designs reveal the personal experiences of Nicholas' travels to remote places. Proof of this is the successful mixture of materials, some noble, others more modest, but whose miscegenation recreates surprising and original transformations.

The rapid acceptance of its offer and the interest expressed by a heterogeneous public makes PLATADEPALO expand its proposals, currently counting on more than 600 references of unisex jewelry pieces, textile line and leather goods, represented in three conceptual collections, WOMAN, MAN AND SKULL.

The adventurous spirit of PLATADEPALO, its curious look at new horizons, will take you to embark, creating and designing other product lines, always new and different.